Interview with Speaker / Marju Karin

A beauty injections specialist, medic Marju Karin, will attend the I AM BEAUTIFUL 2018 beauty seminar on October 13th with a presentation "Youth elixir - beauty injections". We visited her at her brand new clinic on Narva road and discussed about the downside of beauty injections. Why special training is needed and why the procedure has to be carried out by a medic. Following will give you an answers to our questions, given by Marju Karin.

Foto: Gerda Carina
Foto: Gerda Carina

Estonian Beautician Association: What is the most common concern of beauty injections? 

Marju Karin: The most common problem is that beauty injections are done by the beauticians who cannot do and are not allowed to do beauty injections. I strongly believe that this procedure should only be carried out by people with medical education who, if necessary, can also deal with the consequences. Personally, I have experience of over 38000 beauty injections, but there are many medics, f.e dermatologists who offer this procedure, but lack sufficient training and experience. In order to be able to model your face using beautiful injections, you must have special training and, in addition, be able to see a person and her/his face as a whole.

Inappropriate injection of fillers may result in a rapid closure of the blood vessels, the occlusion that leaves part of the face without blood circulation and results in necrosis. I have also had 4-5 necrosis cases and all of these patients got help. In some parts of the world, there has been cases where filler closes the eye-artery, which may result in darkness. Fortunately, we are not aware of these cases in Estonia. However there have been some cases in other countries, where synthetic substances have been used in beauty injections. There is also a problem in Estonia that unidentified fillers that have not been registered at Health Protection Board, have been imported and used in beauty injections. Since we are not always sure whether hyaluronic acid is present, it is not always possible to help the patient. Frequent examples are visible formations under the skin in the form that do not melt into the body but are under the skin, so to say "hardenings".

EKL: What does a beautician need to know about when her/his client has gone through or is planning to go through a beauty injection procedure?

MK: All procedures are allowed before the beauty injections. After beauy injections, these specific areas of the face could be massaged ess and after about a month, again, all procedures are allowed. Deep tissue massage with the device should be avoided. This concerns Hyaluronic acid injections.

When we make botulinum toxin injections, it means that we injected into the muscle and the more we move muscle, the faster it will recover. The effect of botulinum toxin is significantly prolonged if the skin is adequately moisturised and consistently taken care of. If the patient, however, should develop an abscess or something like this, you should still contact the clinic where the injection has been made, because you can get there an immediate help. There is no point going to the emergency room, but where the beauty injections were made. The most common problems are usually allergic problems. That is why the biggest question is whether either the beautician can ask client's anamnesis and whether the patient has any allergies. The beautician takes full responsibility for invasive procedures, and must take into account that she/he does not ready or prepared to do that, then she/he can, for a lifetime, spoil client's face. Right now, this is the moment of danger of occlusion, about what I already spoke about in the beginning of the interview.

I am expecting beauticians, to work with medics. If someone has a concern about a client, they can call and discuss the problem. It's not about the fact that a beautician who learned anatomy could not handle the injection, but what happens when something goes wrong and whether the beautician can come up with the consequences?!

EKL: What are the biggest myths about beauty injections?

MK: The biggest myth about beauty injection is that it significantly changes the face. That's not the case at all. We just do not have any experienced injectors. Injections are done improperly and face as a whole are not taken under consideration. For example, if we talk about young women's lips, the injections are done without any common sense. They do not think about what all this really does wto the client's appearance and whether there is need to satisfy all the customer's wishes at all.

It is also said that the face will "fall off" in the result of beauty injections. But that's not the case either. If you do the injections gradually, as any other beauty treatment, and start with beauty injections when you arrive at the first aging symptoms, face will not "fall off" anywhere. Today, the procedure for beauty injections suppresses facial surgery for 20-30 years.

People also are afraid to remain addicted. But addiction may also mean buying a new dress every calendar month. Or visit the manicure and pedicure. One beauty injection effect will last for 18 months and costs as much as the total cost per classical beauty treatments per year. So, it's a complete myth that a beauty injection is terribly expensive, dangerous and the aforementioned, face changing. Today beauty injections done by experienced medic, are available for every women who likes to take care herself. For example, we have a non-surgical medical license issued by the Health Board. This means that you can always turn to us after the procedure of beauty injections, because it is a continuous cooperation with the client.

EKL: How important is it to visit a beautician after a beauty injection? 

MK: There are customers who do a beauty injection, and then they think that they do not have to go to the beautician any more at all. But the more consistent the skin care, the longer will last the fillers. 

EKL: What can a beautician do for her, if the customer has done a beauty injection? 

MK: Women often ask about wrinkle filling, but they should ask how to keep their face maintained. Very many patients or clients hope that they will recover their youth by one beauty injection. This is not the case. We lift facial proportions back with the help of beauty injections. However, this can be done gradually. I can keep the skin in proportion with the filling, but the beautician can take care of the elasticity of the skin. 

EKL: What does dignified aging mean?

MK: Dignified aging means you look good, you have a million euros on a bank account and you are drinking champagne in South of France. 

EKL: How can the client understand that they have now done too many beauty injections? 

MK: At the age of 13, teenagers think that they are beautiful with their poorly done make-up, too dark eyes and they do not listen to what their parents tell them. Unfortunately, this person who is addicted to beauty injections, also does not quite understand her addiction. However, the beautician can say in a delicate fashion that it is not beautiful but look cheap. Just as every woman has a "personal" beautician who does her beauty treatments, she might have her "own" medic who makes her beauty injections. Only as a result of such cooperation, we make our customers happy, beautify and increase our credibility in their eyes.