Color revolution at I AM BEAUTIFUL 2018

It was such a pleasure to be part of something new that is happening from now on in Tallinn every autumn. I am talking about the I AM BEAUTIFUL seminar, that is organized by the Eesti Kosmeetikute Liit, which is the Beauty Association in Estonia. 

Foto: Gerda Carina
Foto: Gerda Carina

It is a new concept and I must say, it is working. The organizers are getting together a group of professionals, who are specialists in their own field and giving them 18 minutes (just like they have on TED talks) to get their message across to the audience. This means that even if you have been working in your field for years and years, you will have to pull all your expertise in that short time. The reason behind all this is that we, the people, can only stay focused and learn effectively in that time. It has been proven many times, that this way of presenting is really hitting the spot for so many people.

After all, when going to seminars, we are looking for new information in a package that we can "take with us". Long presentations with small details are great when you actually are familiar with a topic. That is when you can add to your knowledge and more in-depth explanation is needed. The I AM BEAUTIFUL seminar is designed for people and professionals, who are curious about life and want to find out more.

I feel that this type of seminar works very well for people with little or no information as well as for people, who already have some or extensive information on different topics. When many different experts are fine tuning the information in their own field and giving you the best parts on a silver platter, it really is such a treat.

The team that made it happen and me; Foto: Rauno Liivand
The team that made it happen and me; Foto: Rauno Liivand

Having been one of the speakers, I, of course spoke and showed how colors work for people in their everyday lives. My topic is as visual as it can get. We need to see the different shades and intensities of colors and how they work on different color of people. Since I have made so many mistakes in using colors before I went to training all those years ago, I can truly feel the feeling when you actually "get it" that it is better to work with colors instead of against them.

I must say that I was very happy right after my presentation because so many people wanted to talk to me and ask all kinds of questions on what to do next to get their wardrobes up to speed and how to shop so that you will not make wrong choices. I wish I could tell everyone everything but that, of course, is not possible in only a few minutes. For me, it has been a long road of trial and error, until after years of training and study, I can now say that I know how colors work and who should be using what colors and so many other things to make life easier for everyone in my own field of expertise.

For some reason, the color revolution never found its way to the Baltic countries in such a big way as it did in many other countries. In these countries, ladies are very much interested in looking beautiful. That is one of the reasons I want to help because I truly feel that I can make a difference in many lives of so many people.

This is one piece of the beauty puzzle
This is one piece of the beauty puzzle

My book, Color Your Life, which is sold in English on is also translated into Estonian and it is sold at the local book store: Rahva Raamatu and the name in Estonian is Värvivapustus. Therefore we have what it takes to get familiar with the topic also in Estonia. After reading the book, you will be well on you way to be critical of your own colors and start experimenting with how you would look dressed in different colors. I have given some tips in the book on how you can get started.

Also the color of your hair and make-up play a big role in the colors you will be using. Your aim is to see harmony, when you choose colors for yourself or for anyone else.

For example, I often hear that "I don´t like red", or some other color. If you feel that way, it must be that you have not found the red that likes you back. When you do, you will see that there is a red in this world that you look good in. There is no doubt about it. Be brave and try out different shades and intensities of colors you have never thought of trying out before. It is very easy these days. You can go to the shop and choose what you want and try them on. That is what we do anyway whenever we are buying new clothes, shoes, bags and everything else.

You can also go to my website and get yourself a 24-page booklet called Professional Shopping Guide. It is FREE of charge and you will receive quite a bit of information in a nutshell. You can apply any colors to the system given in the Shopping Guide and it will work for you for the rest of your life.

Give colors a chance to love you back and make you happy!

Author: Raija Lydecken/Founder of