Merlis Jusupov

Trainer of the "Kodulehe Koolitused" (Website Training) provider  

"Why isn't your website selling, but spending more than you think?"

It was 2008, when Merlis began to investigate more seriously why some companies' websites make more sales than others.

He started studying and experimenting with his wife Eve the business website www.kodulehekoolitused.ee and later on with other websites to find out what did and what did not work.

Today the knowledge and skills gained are shared by Merlis with both his clients and participants in the website training. Testing never ends for him.

At the "I am Beautiful 2019" seminar, Merlis will share tips that could make your current website better. If you are just planning or commissioning your website, you should definitely pay attention to certain points.

Some examples of the topics:

  • Do I need my website at all as a good product or service sells itself? Besides, I can also sell on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Why does my website fail to attract visitors? What shall I do?
  • How can I know in 5 seconds what sort of remedies my website needs.
  • How do images affect your sales on a website? What images to use?
  • What should I write for my product or service content page?
  • How do I get my site on Google's high places?
Get specific advice on what you should do with your website to make you and your future customers more satisfied.

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