Madis Trei

Marketing expert  

"Purchased advertising - how to reach customer faster"

Madis works as the CEO of a well-known digital agency Vurr. "Vurr" belongs to the Creative Union Group, working closely with 9 agencies in the fields of media, public relations, design, advertising, branding and printing. Thus, with a team of experts in their field, they promote realizing the business goals of start-ups and operating companies, both in theory and in practice.

Since Madis Trei has graduated from the Baltic Film and Media School in Public Relations and Media, he has a great opportunity to direct his vast knowledge into practice while leading the Digital Agency.

Personally, Madis has a long-term experience in exploiting digital channels, social media and purchased advertising. What is purchased advertising in general and could beauticians use it to promote their work and skills more widely?

In his presentation at the "I am Beautiful 2019" seminar, Madis places the greatest emphasis on purchased advertising and social media. The advertising you buy is something that the beauty provider should know from the inside out, because it is one of the strikingly remarkable advertising channels. Social media is something that every service provider can use without major costs, producing obvious results.

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