Külliki Piatecki

Beautician with long experience

"Cosmetic Approach to Different Hyperpigmentation Problems "

Külliki Piatecki is an experienced cosmetologist and importer of professional beauty brands. She works as an international trainer for the Sesderma chemical scrubbing. As a former medical worker, she possesses the knowledge of the skin and the body physiology and is fully familiar with the physiological effects of chemical peelings on the skin. In 1996-2005, Külliki was the chair of the Estonian Cosmetologists Society.

The main goal of the cosmetologist's work is to maintain healthy and beautiful skin and reduce unpleasant manifestations (dryness, wrinkles, loosening, pigmentation, inflammation). Due to scientific and technological advances, cosmetic treatments today provide surprisingly good skin care results.
Reducing pigment spots and making the skin tone even has been a problem for a long time not only for customers but also for cosmeticians. The reason behind is that care courses have been long-term, unpleasant and often not effective enough.

Before starting a pigmentary care course, it is definitely recommended to identify the type of hyper- or hypopigmentation and the "likely" cause. By detecting the client's skin care habits and pre-procedures, we can create a suitable individual care plan. Cosmetic care courses for pigment changes begin with the daily home care and sunscreen products. In addition, cosmetics now possess a variety of opportunities: chemical scrubs, micro needling, light therapy, and other cosmetic apparatuses.

In her lecture, Külliki Piatecki explains the causes, the main types and the various cosmetic treatments of skin pigment problems that harmonize the tone of the skin and reduce pigmentation spots.

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