Kristo Olli

Sales expert, trainer  

"The moment when the book's cover is more important than its content"

Kristo Olli has been in sales business for several years now and his main focus has been on beauty salons and beauty makers, helping and training them on how to make a work life and beauty procedures faster, more efficient, and more comfortable, but most importantly - how to stand out from the competitors. As a result of trainings conducted by Kristo, beauty makers have pointed out in the feedback the biggest changes:

  • increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • increase in the number of customers;
  • the overall impression and presence of the beauty maker and the salon interior are considerably more professional;
  • work and family balance;
  • more time;
  • less stress.

Before coming to the beauty seminar, Kristo usually asks all participants to play one game, a scenario. Here's how: 

Imagine you are in a bookstore. Not in a tiny x-based bookstore, but where you usually buy your books. Obviously, you already imagine, where exactly you are. You know what bookstore I'm talking about. Imagine, how you look at the shelves, searching for a place with your favorite theme. You are walking around. You come to the right shelf. You look at the books just in front of your face. You notice a couple of works by your favorite authors that have just arrived at this store today. Automatically strikes the bulb in the head and this "ohh!" moment. You raise your hand to take the books from the shelf, when suddenly someone has stopped you to introduce himself. These are the game rules. The rules of the game are that you have to look and decide which book you are buying. You take only one and leave the others. You know, both authors write amazingly, and you can't go down with either book - jackpot and engaging reading in both cases. However, the rules of the game are: choose one book. Look and decide only with your eyes.

Which book of these two will speak to you first without having to pick it up and browse even for seconds? I want to remind you that both books have been released today. Are you attracted to a book that has a modest look, quite dull in nature and plump, certainly not outstanding? The title might be very interesting, but the general aura and the look that surrounds this book won't make you grab it, even if you know that it is your favorite author and it is very, very good. Or maybe you are attracted to the next book - though the content is equally good as in the first book, but this second book is with a fashionable and shiny cover design, you know it from a distance - you know, the "smell of the new book" - the title is also just so intriguing that it makes the hand grab the book automatically. Both books are written by your favorite authors, and you definitely want to read both of them or, at least, have a quick look. But the rules of the game are the rules of the game. By the content they are both equally good, but one is modest and "blending in the gray mass" and another one is modern, fresh and attractive.
Which book would you choose based on the first impression and the rules of the game?
How to "wrap" your services to stand out from your competitors and belong to the class of these "modern, fresh and attractive" books, how to increase the customer base and their loyalty and be one step closer to the professionalism, Kristo will tell you on the I Am Beautiful 2019 beauty seminar!

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