Kristine Kõps

Aesthetic nurse  

"Deep skin moisturizing as the "basis" for beauty injections"

Kristine finished Tartu Health Care College in 2013 in February, after which she studied at the Faculty of Economics of Pärnu College of Tartu University. The desire to associate nursing, empathy, and caring with rational knowledge of economics led her to establishing her own clinic, and, on the one hand, to provide care and to be an artist of aesthetic medicine at her free choice, on the other hand, to manage the whole system through her own vision and experience.

Over the years, Kristine has also trained professionally in London, Paris, Monaco, Riga, Vilnius and elsewhere.

Deep skin moisturizing is the greatest passion of her artistic work, as she can daily see how dry the delicate skin of women is, and is tired of coping with children, work, stress, UV, lifestyle, nutrition and many other factors. Skin dryness is often followed by premature aging skin syndrome, and the customer begins to seek help from the wrong products that often fail to moisturize skin properly but saturate it with the excess of nutrients. As a result, the skin problems that may end up with the acne develop.

In her presentation at the "I am Beautiful 2019" seminar, Kristine will talk about various skin problems that threaten women from the age of 25 and today's opportunities of aesthetic medicine.

Kristine Kõps is an aesthetic nurse at the Medicina Clinic and is a member of the Society of Aesthetic Non-Surgical Medicine.

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