Kati Israel

Trainer, International Speaker

"Simple Rules to a Beautician for Marketing in Social Media"

Knowledge, passion, and customer-level understanding are the qualities necessary to create a successful and profitable business.

Kati Israel is a global trainer, an international speaker who has shared the stage with names such as Hugh Hilton, Vanilla Ice, George Ross, J.T.Foxx and many others.

Kati brings ambition, enthusiasm and determination to her training. Her fun and energetic workstyle has gained tremendous appraisal for its transformative power.

Kati's business philosophy is simple: make your business profitable. She has created or helped to create companies and firms that have generated amazing turnover over the last decade.

The world of cosmetics is developing at a tremendous speed and there are more and more knowledgeable customers amongst consumers of beauty services who are constantly looking for new services or new information regarding beauty. The presence of a beautician in social media depends on simple skills to distinguish themselves from tiring mass mailers. A skillfully built Facebook account is still a great opportunity today to expand your customer base and make your beauty business more profitable than it has been so far.

Kati will show you how to design your own brand, illustrating the directions of growth for independently operating businesses. Kati has also written an Amazon success "How to overcome fear", sharing her invaluable talents. This incredibly in-depth handbook on public speaking unites Kati's teachings and personal stories in one easy-to-read book.

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