Ineta Pruus


"Effects of Hormonal Disorders on the Skin "

Ineta works as a gynaecologist at Raplamaa Hospital. Graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tartu and passed the internship in gynaecology at the Women's Clinic of the East Tallinn Central Hospital.

A member of the Estonian Gynaecologists' Society (ENS) and the Estonian Society of Colposcopy. Ineta's special field of interest is gynaecological endocrinology, gynaecological and pregnancy ultrasound diagnostics.

In her daily work, she often deals with patients whose complaints are due to hormone disorders. Tests may indicate that hormone treatment is required. Today, patients are still very often subject to baseless fears of hormonal replacement therapy and contraceptive hormonal preparations. This is a common question: if I start using the hormone, shall I become overweight and grow the moustache?

In her presentation, Ineta focuses on the hormonal system functioning at different stages of life and on the effects of hormone preparations on a woman's body.

Ineta believes that the beautician should be aware of whether their client suffers from a hormone-related illness or uses hormone preparations, as in certain situations it may determine the success of the treatment or, conversely, lead to a worse-than-expected outcome. At the same time, a problem with which a client comes to a cosmetologist could be better resolved with a doctor.

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