Gerda Carina

Portrait photographer and filmmaker   

"The importance of a photograph and a video for a beautician"

Gerda Carina was born and raised in Estonia, but today she works as a freelance portrait photographer and filmmaker in England and elsewhere in Europe.

Gerda Carina discovered photography for herself at the age of 13 while assisting a well-known photographer Kristiina Männik and from there on, the more serious studies started with the knowledge of Estonian professionals, after graduating from high school already in London.

Gerda Carina has more than 10 years of experience now and her work has been published in many different magazines including Vogue Arabia, Oddity, Phoenix, TINGS etc. Her most recent experience includes a behind the scenes video with one of the highest paid actresses in India called Deepika Padukone for TINGS magazine and British actress Wallis Day for Oddity magazine.

She has had the opportunity to work with many TV stars and also with other talented creatives for example Rita Ora's stylist Kyle De'Volle, Jake Hall, Vas J Morgan, rising star Olivia Vinall, The Abduls, Joshua Kane etc. 

She has also worked with many different model agencies like Boss Models South Africa, First Model Management, Select Model Management etc. She has also filmed fashion shows and behind the scenes at London Fashion Week.

Her biggest clients so far have been Versace in London, VIP Brand in Monaco, Shanel Cooper from New York, Creative Director Andy Turner in London and Goodwood. The most views, a little under 100 000, has received her portrait video of a British reality tv personality Jonathan Clark.

"Working with Gerda Carina is a magical experience. She makes me feel so confident and comfortable in front of the camera. I'd never posed without makeup on a shoot before until I worked with her. She is a true artist that embodies a natural element and feeling of freedom to her work."

-Rita Ora stylist Kyle De'Volle

Beauty service is a field where people are made more beautiful and joy from the process and the end result can enjoy both the customer and the beauty therapist. How do you capture your work on a photo or video so that others can get information about your skills?

At the seminar I Am Beautiful 2019, Gerda Carina shares her knowledge and experience about the importance of photographs and simple but important tricks about how the photo on a social media platform or a website offering beauty services would be attractive and professional and would bring the customer to your service. In order to make high-quality beauty images, you do not have to have a professional camera - a mobile phone is enough. At the same time, she encourages beauty therapists to collaborate with professional photographers and videographers, as advertising is always better in collaboration.

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