Riina Laast

I liked the seminar very much. The presentations were very informative, good and short. Good performers!!! Again next year!

Raili Nordmann

Thank you so much for an informative event. Till next year!

Tiia Tamme

A very well organized conference. I have participated in many conferences and have to give yours a "5+" rating.   

Kadi Mitt

Many thanks for the pleasant and informative seminar! Good luck and we'll meet next!  

Lilian Aun

I recommend this seminar for both, students and experienced beauticians. It is very exciting and educational. There were so much information, that it just needed to be written down!  

Kristi Kask

Thanks a lot for this great event and experience!  

Kristina Kessel

I wish you every success. Well done Estonian Cosmetics Association!  

Kaie Ratas-Pettai

The speakers were very well chosen and well-suited for beauticians. Gave us a good and quick overview of top specialists. Excellent!.

Mari Roosmäe

Thank you for a great day. Expanding the horizons is still a necessary activity!

Veronika Palmiste

Very nice event! I am so glad that finally there is opportunity to enhance cooperation with beautician, whose recommendations and opinions are very important to my patients. So we will all talk about same thing.

Lea Huuse

I am very pleased with the seminar organized by you. I got the tricks and the knowledge of how to move forward and get on with the sales in my job. Many thanks! I wish you strength in the work of the Union!

Raija Lydecken

Thank you very much for the very professional and fun days! There was such a buzz in the crowd before and after the presentations. On offer was something for everyone. I am looking very much forward to the next I AM BEAUTIFUL event in September 2019! 

Riin Reitmann

Me and my mom, we really enjoyed the event.

For example, my mom's book from this seminar, immediately became "must read book" among her colleagues in a school :) And my book goes the same way. 

Evelyn Melnikov

Thank you for a very informative seminar. It was nice to see colleagues and co-operation partners again and again. As a beautician and cosmetics importer, it's important to know what can and can still be done, client has done beauty injections or has implants. Health Board reminders and updates were also interesting. 

Thank you for the contacts and success! Next year would like the third day too. 

Signe Ventsel

Passion is what makes people special, and as a result, other activities become special and valuable! The passion of organizers in the field is also felt by me when I was properly pampered. Everything was very well thought out, the professionals of their field were involved, the could of been bit more participants. But the right people are always present.

As said in the Eurovision competition - the maximum points for you!:) I can share this experience on my own trainings, and show what can be done with passion and dedication. 


Many thanks Cosmetics Association!

Very useful Conference. Interesting topics, thorough presentations, great performers. Everything was 5+. I really liked it. We look forward to the next seminar!