Dr. Siim Simmo 

Plastic Surgeon   

Plastic Eyelid Surgery 

Dr. Siim Simmo is a surgeon who has an unique training, who has versatile skill set and he is the most demanded top plastic surgeon, who performs both oncological breast cancer surgery and high-level aesthetic facial surgery.

He specialized in plastic surgery at the Helsinki University Clinic and is still working there as a Department Chief of Staff

Due to his fast timetable, he divides his life between Estonia and Finland, regularly attending trainings and operations around the world with top specialists in his field.

Dr. Simmo is the only plastic surgeon in Estonia who has undergone a joint specialization program for Nordic plastic surgeons, which includes the passing of a national specialty examination in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

Dr. Simmo lectures on eyelid surgery, since eyes are one of the first things a beautician sees on her/his client.

Many women, as well as men, turn to the beautician for their eyelids' problems - either they are then drooped, "tired" or just wrinkled.

It is very good to know when the skills of a beautician are sufficient and when more creams and normal procedures do not help any more, and it is time to turn to the beauty surgeon.

All this can be heard in the lecture. In addition, we also take a look at the different surgery methods and which option can be applied in which case.

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