Dr. Peep Pree

Plastic surgeon 

"Facial Tensioning - Another Frenzy or Indispensable Measure?"

The leading surgeon Peep Pree is a highly experienced and internationally recognized plastic surgeon in Estonia. Dr. Pree is a daily practicing surgeon and head of Clinica - the private clinic of aesthetic surgery. Among the various plastic surgery operations Dr. Peep Pree performed, he has a long-term experience in facial and neck skin tensioning operations and has helped a lot of Estonian women.

Obviously, slack and loose facial skin is not just someone's dream. Aging is accompanied by reduction in elasticity of facial tissue, but may also be due to heredity, stress, poor nutrition, and so on. Women often turn to their delicate subject for advice and help from a beautician. Most cosmetologists have heard of facial and neck skin tensioning operations, but the things remain unclear regarding who in fact requires it, what this surgical operation involves and when it is needed.

On the seminar "I am beautiful 2019" the top surgeon Peep Pree will give a talk about plastic surgery in the facial area. Dr. Pree will provide an exact overview of what each cosmetologist should know about face tensioning operations:

✔ whether and when a patient should consider facial correction,

✔ what a facial and neck skin tensioning operation represents more precisely,

✔ dangers of the operation,

✔ positive aspects of the operation,

✔ the need for pre- and post-operative care

NB! Co-operation between a surgeon and a cosmetician is crucial to achieve and maintain the patient's tightened skin. Only cooperation can produce a very good result. When the surgeon tightens facial and neck skin, the cosmetician plays an important role in the postoperative recovery period of the patient and further in caring for his face in the years to come. This is a priceless practical information for beauty service providers and cosmetologists!

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