Carita Autio

Representative of Association of Finnish Beauty Therapists/trainer/educator  

How to create loyal repeat customers? 

Your loyal customers that keep using your services on broad range are the most effortless, inexpensive and most lucrative investment you can make. Steady flow of customers and income and absolutely the very best recommendations and testimonials. How is it possible to save up on marketing costs and target the money you are using just the right way? The turnover of your stock is at mind blowing rate. Stuff just keeps on flying off the shelves leaving plenty on your account also.

It pays well off to invest proper time on really mapping out and developing your own clientele strategy. How to build a loyal following on the treatment methods you have chosen to be your way to help them? Clientele that will follow carefully your directions on homecare, that wouldn't risk in buying them anywhere but from you and rely on your expert opinion on professional treatments they need.

Working thoughtfully and carefully paying special attention to your customer will lead you into a co-operation with the customer that guarantees success for everyone, a true win-win-win. Your customer, you and your bank balance will all get the top results.


I have been collecting experience in customer services in skin care for over 23 years now. After witnessing very different approaches as an employee, entrepreneur and trainer, both on customers and professionals, I have been giving a lot of thought on what would be the best possible way to make things work for everybody. I´ve been researching, developing and testing different methods that would allow the customer to get the most amazing result possible out of the treatments. Not forgetting how to make the work profitable and at the same time enjoyable for the recognized super professionals that we are and keep us at the top of our game.

Both, the professional taking care of the customer and the salon she/he is working in, must keep developing all the time. But, it certainly doesn´t mean that one should turn everything upside down every couple of years. For best results, it is working in the long haul that already after a couple of years of determined effort leads to a level that rewards plentifully both the clientele and the one putting in all the hours. You need to get your basics in order. You need a clear direction and focus in all you do to be able to coach yourself and your business into ever multiplying excellence.

This is it. So far I´ve travelled through a marvellous journey within this beautiful trade, learned so much and I speak from experience.

This in me. I want to be there for all my colleagues in beauty trade to help and support in any way I can. All the way from the get-go to a wonderful, satisfying life, combining just the right balance of work and leisure.

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