Betti Nigul

Personal trainer, nutrition counsellor  

"How do our eating habits affect the condition of the skin through the microbial?"

Betty Nigul will speak on the "I am Beautiful 2019" seminar about the relationship between skin, body and general health through diet.

Betti holds a Master's Degree in Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology, and her Master's thesis focused on the links between intestinal microbial and nutrition, i.e. "Simultaneous fermentation of mucin and fiber in intestinal bacteria".

Wrong eating habits strongly affect our intestinal microbial and not only affect our body weight but also our skin health. All of us have heard the phrase: "You're what you eat".

Any inappropriate diet and lifestyle are reflected on our skin: acne, dry skin, wrinkles, swelling, pigmentation spots, rosacea - the latter is even considered a lifestyle disease.

If the beautician is capable to look further and give appropriate recommendations in addition to the procedures provided, it greatly enhances his / her credibility in the eyes of the client, as all the combined activities always help to achieve better results. Due to the practical and educational background (TUT and FAF Estonian personal trainer), Betti has a great opportunity to pass on her broad knowledge and experience-based information to those who want to be healthy and consciously feed their bodies, thus helping them with both nutrition guidance and training.

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