Dr. Veronika Palmiste 

Very nice event! I am so glad that finally there is opportunity to enhance cooperation with beautician, whose recommendations and opinions are very important to my patients. So we will all talk about same thing.

Kaie Ratas-Pettai 

The speakers were very well chosen and well-suited for beauticians. Gave us a good and quick overview of top specialists. Excellent! 

Dr. Tiia Tamme

A very well organized conference. I have participated in many conferences and have to give yours a "5+" rating.

Lilian Aun 

I recommend this seminar for both, students and experienced beauticians. It is very exciting and educational. There were so much information, that it just needed to be written down!

Participate in the biggest Beauty Seminar in Estonia!

The Beauty Seminar I AM BEAUTIFUL, after the first event, received a lot of positive feedback from the participants - a great experience and informative presentations were the main keywords of the seminar. You can not leave out an impressive list of speakers, fast and friendly customer support and enthusiastic attendees. The seminar brings together the best of the beauty sector, who value inner and outer beauty and want to develop themselves as beauty entrepreneurs. Participate and you will not regret.

I Am Beautiful 2018 photo gallery

Emotions as a picture were captured by Gerda Carina, Rauno Liivand

I Am Beautiful overview

Would you like to experience the emotions, participants felt at the I Am Beautiful 2018 Seminar?

About the seminar

I Am Beautiful 2018 brought together 220 beauticians all over Estonia. Among the participants were the owners of beauty salons, cosmetologists, eyelash technicians, masseurs, manicurists, pedicurists, makeup artists, as well as students of beauty schools who are only at the beginning of their journey. Also experienced professionals and medics in the field of beauty. 











It was such a pleasure to be part of something new that is happening from now on in Tallinn every autumn. I am talking about the I AM BEAUTIFUL seminar, that is organized by the Eesti Kosmeetikute Liit, which is the Beauty Association in Estonia.

Sales are considered to be the most difficult area among beauticians. However, the percentage of sales is the largest source of income, which largely influences the income of a beautician. The Estonian Cosmetics Association visited the founder and leader of the biggest beauty retail store in the Nordic region, Tradehouse, Avo Kivimaa, to find out...

Top surgeon Dr. Peep Pree will attend the "I AM BEAUTIFUL 2018" beauty seminar on October 13th with a presentation "Breast Plastics". We spoke with Dr. Pree about problems in the field of breast beauty surgery, and what procedure can beautician do her/his client, who has or has not undergone breast beauty surgery.

A beauty injections specialist, medic Marju Karin, will attend the I AM BEAUTIFUL 2018 beauty seminar on October 13th with a presentation "Youth elixir - beauty injections". We visited her at her brand new clinic on Narva road and discussed about the downside of beauty injections. Why special training is needed and why the procedure has to be...

When it comes to varicose veins, it is always important to emphasize that this is one of the most common diseases that is not life-threatening. Also, the presence of a so-called "broken capillary" on somebody does not mean that you need to go to a doctor immediately. Enlarged veins in the body are, and in most cases will stay, a...


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